We understand you are concerned about Brexit and the implications for your business and so we wanted to reassure you that we are fully prepared for all potential scenarios.

One of the main strengths of our model is that we have production labs hooked-up all over the EU as well as our own Dutch operating and holding companies.

Not only do we own a production facility in the Netherlands; we can relatively easily reconfigure our invoicing and "order fire-hose" to Brexit proof things for both ourselves and our clients. There may be slightly increased costs involved with changing thing though - since we optimise everything to ensure you are currently charged the lowest possible price - so we're currently avoiding doing anything until we have full clarity.

In general though, we've planned for various scenarios and have a strategy to adapt so that we'll solve this issue for you. However, until everything is 100% confirmed by the UK Gov then we intend to keep things in a holding pattern. 

If and when things change then we're ready to move quickly so you don't have to.