We produce prints in both metric (centimetres) and imperial (inches) sizes. The sizing system being used depends on the product type and the country in which your order is being produced.

The table below should be used as a guide:

Production labFine art printsFramed printsCanvas printsPanels

For example, our GLOBAL-FAP-18x24 (with a description of “Enhanced Matte Art Paper, 200GSM, 45x60cm/18x24in” would be printed at 18x24” if produced in the USA but 45x60cm if printed in the UK. 

In most cases there are only a few millimeters difference between the metric and imperial conversions. 

The reason we make this distinction is so that products are sized in the measuring systems local customers are most familiar with. For rolled prints, this also means that local shops and picture frames will fit the products being produced locally.