Each product has its own service level agreement (SLA) with the manufacturing facility producing it. The vast majority of our products are produced within 24-48 hours.

In general, for our most popular GLOBAL SKUs the following SLAs are in place:

Production labFine art printsFramed printsCanvas prints
Australia48-72 hours48-72 hours72-120 hours
UK24-72 hours24-72 hours48-72 hours
EU24-72 hours24-72 hours48-72 hours
USA24-72 hours96 hours72-120 hours

However, more complex products such as handmade framed prints and canvases can occasionally take up to 7 days to make. Each product has an indicative SLA associated with it in terms of hours and we send multiple production status updates. We will keep you fully informed as your orders work through each individual lab.