We can work with a very wide variety of image file formats although our preference is for high-quality jpg or png files, depending on the product. 

We prefer jpg files because the compression is very efficient and designed specifically for saving photographic and fine art images. Although some image data will be lost during the compression process, at there is no meaningful difference between an 80% quality (Level 10 in Adobe) jpg and a tiff when printed to paper. 

We will respect any built-in transparency in png files, and they can also display higher colour depths, making them ideal for apparel. 

Our BigCommerce and Shopify Print on Demand Apps support tiff, jpg and png files. 

Other file formats such as psd and pdf are unfortunately not supported at this time. If your design has a transparent background, you can retain this with tiff or png.

jpg (RGB)jpg (CMYK)pngtiffpsdpdf
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