Mobile technology has always been a key part of our offering but with our recent acquisition we have been evaluating where resources can best be deployed in the future. As a consequence of this review we will be ending all future support for our mobile SDKs.

That means our iOS SDK version 8.2.1 will be the last release. We're doing what work we can now to maximise the amount of time this will continue working, but we cannot guarantee any particular timescale. It could remain functional for months or years, but equally, external factors such as the recent SCA payments mandate could render it unworkable.

The repositories will remain public and accessible, and any current users who wish to extend or improve upon these are encouraged.

This decision does not impact our API services, which will be supported indefinitely, so we'd encourage users to consider moving towards an API based integration if they wish to maintain the service long term. 

This isn’t a decision we make lightly, but we feel it’s the most appropriate course given our focus on web-based technologies.