The Prodigi Shopify app has a feature that can be used to simplify and automate your shipping configuration. Called Carrier Service inside the app, this feature provides accurate shipping prices directly into your customer's basket at checkout.

1. Check your Shopify plan

To get started, you'll need to be on the Shopify Advanced plan, or have the carrier-calculated shipping feature enabled and active on your account by contacting Shopify support (note: there is a $20 fee added to your Shopify bill to do this).

2. Enable Carrier Service
Once that is enabled, go into the Prodigi Print on Demand app, and ensure that Carrier Service is turned on. You can find this underneath the shipping section of the settings menu.

3. That's it!

With those two steps completed, your customers will now be able to see and select the live shipping prices for any basket that contains Prodigi products.

This can also be used alongside existing shipping rules. For example, if you offer free shipping to some countries, but have so far not allowed customers from outside those countries to purchase for fear of not having the right shipping price set, the new Carrier Service can fill in the gaps.

Now, you can open your store to a global market, and be confident that you'll always get the right amount for shipping and never be out of pocket.