You are able to set any retail prices you wish; keeping all profits generated. We only charge for our product manufacturing and shipping costs. 

There will never be any additional or hidden fees.

  1. Manufacturing costs: We charge a fixed wholesale rate per product. NB For some apparel products, an additional print (e.g. a front and back print) can be included at additional cost. 
  2. Shipping costs: You also need to cover the cost of shipping the product to the customer. With our global network of print labs we have a fairly granular shipping model. As a rule, we will always charge he lowest possible cost for shipping based on the product orders, the end customers delivery destination and the speed of shipping selected. The models can be complex though, so we recommend simplifying your selling prices to your end customers.
  3. Taxes: For several orders we also have to add VAT if shipping inside the EU (See: "How will sales taxes and/or VAT be applied to our invoices?" & "How does VAT work in the EU?")

Calculating profits is therefore simple since you decide on the retail price of your print on demand products and thus effectively set your own profit margins.

For example: If you set a retail price of $20 on a T-shirt that costs $10.00 to make and $5.00 to ship, you’d earn $5.00 on each sale. Increase your selling price to $25 and you’d earn $10.00 on each sale.

In order to receive payment you take full payment from the customer at the point of sale and then then we will invoice you separately for just the fulfilment costs of your order (our wholesale product+shipping charges).

For further information, check out our blog: How to price a product: A guide for small businesses