Prodigi manufactures products in different locations around the world, so we are able to keep delivery costs and times low by shipping the order from a location most local to your customer.

How much it costs to ship your order will depend on:

  • Destination country
  • Product ordered
  • Your preferred shipping speed

We currently recommend three approaches.

1. Offer free shipping

Offering free shipping in your store is simple to set-up and is attractive to your customers. Free shipping is known to to have a positive impact on cart conversions according to Shopify.

If you want to offer free shipping, you should factor the likely shipping costs into your profit margins when setting your product prices.

 For more information, check out Shopify’s guide to offering Free Shipping.

With free shipping you’re still in control over which shipping service is used. To ensure your orders are always sent using a tracked service, simply enable tracking within the app settings.

2. Carrier calculated shipping

When Carrier Calculated Shipping is enabled, your customers will see and be offered the exact price for shipping directly from our app, regardless of where they order from. This removes the need to configure shipping rules separately and gives you confidence that your customers are charged the correct amount. 

It also works alongside any existing shipping rules you have set up - your core market can continue to benefit from free shipping, for example, whilst any orders from other countries can then use the correct price for their order and location. This makes it really easy for you to scale your store to reach a global audience!

To start using this today, ensure your Shopify account has carrier calculated shipping available or you’re on the Advanced Shopify plan, and then simply head over to the app settings, and enable Carrier Service. The automatic shipping rates will then start to appear for your customers, but you may need to double check that you don’t already have some shipping rates already configured that may override these.

3. Weight-based shipping rates

If you don’t have real-time carrier shipping, it is possible to manipulate the weight-based shipping model for the purpose of charging a per-item flat shipping rate (i.e. $4 per item).

We set things up so that all Prodigi products are published with a default ‘weight’ of 1 unit (kg or lb depending on where you are in the world). This means that you can set a rate for 0-1 units (i.e. 1 product), 1-2 units (2 products), 2-3 units (3 products), etc. 

Make sure you check your average shipping costs carefully. You may wish to set up different rates for different regions to reflect the true costs - for example, charging more for orders shipping to South Africa (ROW) than France (EU).

We recommend following the guide from Shopify to configure these rates for your store. You can access our actual detailed shipping costs, or contact us for alternative formats.