When creating products, you need to factor in the cost of shipping them to potential customers around the world.

The cost of shipping each order will be charged to you, so it is important that you make arrangements to offset that cost onto your customers.

You can do this in one of four ways:

  • Increase the markup on the product. This is the most straightforward option. By increasing your profit margin, you can absorb the extra shipping costs with the added bonus of being able to offer your customers ‘free’ shipping.

  • Set up Shipping Rates in your Shopify settings. If you’d prefer your customers to see shipping added at checkout, you’ll need to navigate Shopify’s weight-based shipping rates. For further guidance, check out How do I set up shipping rates in Shopify?

  • Switch on Prodigi Carrier Calculated. If you have real-time carrier shipping included with your Shopify plan, you can opt to have the exact shipping cost of your orders automatically applied at check-out. Switch on Prodigi Carrier Calculated in Settings > Shipping in the Prodigi app.  Please note this feature is currently in Beta, and will only work for Prodigi-only shopping baskets.

  • Check out 3rd-party shipping apps. Apps like Parcelify allow you to set specific per-item shipping rates (in place of Shopify’s standard weight-based rates). This option gives you the most flexibility, but again will require you to have a Shopify plan with real-time carrier shipping included.

Speak to Shopify about adding real-time carrier shipping to your plan.