Here are all the ways you can integrate with Prodigi:

  1. Manual order form (place one-off orders)
  2. CSV importer (submit orders in bulk)
  3. Print API (integrate your website or app)
  4. Ecommerce apps and integrations, including:

Manual order form: Our user-friendly manual order form is perfect for those looking to place a one-off order with us. To place an order, simply create an account, click ‘Create order’ and follow the on-screen instructions. Then, select your shipping destination, choose a product from our extensive range of print on demand products, upload your image and submit your order – we’ll handle the fulfilment.

CSV importer: Selling custom products via a third-party marketplace like Amazon and receiving a high volume of orders? Streamline your order processing with our CSV importer, which enables you to export orders from your ecommerce platform and bulk import them to us for fulfilment. Sign up to Prodigi, then click ‘Import orders’ to get started.

Print API: If you’re a developer or have access to one, then we recommend integrating your website or app with Prodigi through our powerful print API. Once integrated, your orders will automatically feed directly into our platform to be fulfilled – no manual intervention necessary. Download our API documentation, or email for more information.

Ecommerce apps & integrations: Our ecommerce apps are ideal for Shopify or BigCommerce sellers who want to fully automate their order fulfilment. Register your account, download our Shopify app or BigCommerce app and set up your products.

We also have a suite of ecommerce integrations for Etsy, Wix, WooCommerce and Squarespace sellers, all of which enable automatic order processing. Simply connect your store, tell us which products to fulfil and enjoy hands-off fulfilment. Once we receive your order, we’ll handle the printing, packing and shipping. For answers to our most frequently asked questions about our ecommerce integrations, please see our Etsy FAQs, which also apply to our Wix, WooCommerce and Squarespace integrations.